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Director of Operations

Type: Administrative

ContactTaryn Bellflower 

Posted: 7/27/2021

Expires: 8/2/2021

Jefferson County School District

Job Description

Director of Operations



(1) Master’s, specialist or doctorate degree with certification in one or more of the following areas: Administration and Supervision (K-12), Vocational Education Director, Professional School Principal, School Principal or Educational Leadership.

(2) A minimum of five (5) years of successful administrative experience.



Knowledge of national, state, and district educational goals, standards, statutes, laws, and policies. Knowledge of state-of-the-art research and proven best practices in areas of responsibility. Knowledge of learning theory, program planning, curriculum development and management of instructional programs. Ability to supervise people. Training in educational research in the areas of curriculum, instruction and evaluation. Ability to plan and present information to the public. Ability to facilitate various size groups using facilitative leadership skills. Ability to understand the Course Code Directory and Florida statutes related to curriculum and instruction requirements. Extensive understanding of the Student Progression Plan and Code of Student Conduct and ability to interpret it to others. Ability to work cooperatively with school personnel, community and other departments and agencies. Good interpersonal and communication skills. Ability to analyze statistical data for trends and standard performance in various programs and to develop strategies for improvement. Ability to represent the district at state and regional functions. Ability to demonstrate administrative and technical expertise in multiple administrative support service areas.



To provide leadership in the planning, development, implementation, evaluation, and oversight of administrative services in support of the district’s operational aspects.



(1) Direct and coordinate the planning, implementation and evaluation of district operations.

(2) Assist the Superintendent in the general operation and administration of school operations within the district.

(3) Work with the Director of Finance in the development of the district budget to be submitted to the Superintendent.

(4) Projects the operational resource requirements of the District as it relates to school programs.

(5) Organize and coordinate plans and activities for the development of the Educational Plan Survey and Five-Year Work Plan.

(6) Direct and supervise the development, maintenance, updating, distribution, and monitoring of the district’s long-range facility plan.

(7) Review and prepare for approval by the Superintendent and board appropriate maintenance, repair, and construction projects.

(8) Plan, recommend, and secure approval for expenditures of the Safe School Allocation, and coordinate programs with schools and outside agencies.

(9) Assist in the selection of architectural engineering firms and outside contractors for design and construction work.

(10) Coordinate the lease agreements of the district’s facilities.

(11) Plan and implement the actions/activities of the district/area/school staff from different offices/departments working in a collaborative fashion, drawing on diverse skills and strategies.

(12) Analyze organization structure, staffing levels, and operations. Conduct internal consulting projects.

(13) Assist in the development of policies and administrative guidelines for all educational programs.

(14) Prepares timely proposals and reports required by county administration, Department of Education and legislative groups.

 (15) Administers District Maintenance and Custodial Services, Transportation Operations, Facilities Planning, School Food Services, Information Technology, Protection Services, Warehouse and Inventory Services, and Energy Management.

(16) Assists the Superintendent in developing the administration and coordination of the District’s operational programs.

(17) Supervises the work of program directors and managers as it relates to District operations.

(18) Responds to inquiries or concerns in a timely manner.

(19) Perform all other duties assigned.



Salary and benefits shall be paid consistent with the district’s approved compensation plan.

Length of the work year and hours of employment shall be those established by the district.



Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the board’s policy on evaluation of personnel.


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