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Bully Prevention
Bullying in schools is of continued focus for Florida school districts, and Jefferson is no exception. To assist parents with bullying prevention we offer the following tips and a reporting form to be completed and submitted to district and school administration. The reporting form and ...
FortifyFL and Tiger Hotline - Suspicious Activity Reporting
FortifyFL is an application that can be downloaded to your smart phone to allow parents and students to anonymously report suspicious activity or threats directly to school officials, local law enforcement and FDLE. You can download the application at: In Public Links on ...
FortifyFL FortifyFL
Adult Education Registration is Open
The Jefferson County School District is pleased to provide virtual courses with certified instructors for GED Preparatory classes and Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes for adult learners!
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The Family  Empowerment  Scholarship  (FES)  Program  was established  during the  2019 Legislative 
Session to  enhance Florida's menu of education options. It will provide children whose families 
have limited financial resources with the opportunity to attend the school that best meets their 
needs and enables them to reach their academic goals.

The FES provides eligible students a scholarship to attend a private school selected by the parent. 
A student is eligible for the FES if the  student meets the following criteria:

¦  The student 's household income does not exceed 300% of the federal poverty level ($77,250 for a 
family of four) or the students on the direct certification list (list of children who qualify for 
the food assistance program, the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families Program, or the Food 
Distribution on Indian Reservations program); or

¦  The student is currently placed, or during the previous state fiscal year was placed, in foster 
care or in out-of-home care as defined in section 39.01, Florida Statutes;
¦ The student is eligible to enroll in kindergarten or has spent the prior school year (2018-19) in 
attendance at a Florida public school. Prior attendance means the  student was enrolled in and in 
attendance at a Florida public school during both the October and February student counts; and

¦  Prior to  scholarship funds being awarded, the student must be accepted and enrolled in a 
participating private school. For a list of eligible schools, please view the Department's Private 
School  Directory.  A  private  school that  is currently  eligible  to  participate  in  any  of  
the scholarship programs is eligible to participate in the FES; however  , parents should contact 
the school to inquire as to  whether the private school will participate in the program.

Parents who meet the eligibility requirements above and are interested in applying for the FES 
should first contact  one of  Florida's two  approved  scholarship funding  organizations  (contact 
information below) to complete the income verification process. Students who have already applied 
for the Florida Tax Credit  (FTC)  Scholarship  program  may  be  determined  to  meet  the  income 
eligibility  without resubmitting household income documentation to the Scholarship Funding 
For more information, please visit the Department of Education website at 


Scholarship Funding Organizations (SFOs)

AAA Scholarship Foundation 



Step Up for Students




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